Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm very excited to announce that the BPRD mini-series I'm drawing for Darkhorse comics has been officially announced .

BPRD logo

"The vampires are also about to cause more than a bump in the night over in the Hellboy corner of Dark Horse. "B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth" addresses the mysterious absence of vampires in the Hellboy-verse, an absence that Allie called "deliberate." "If you read '1946' and '1947' then you know something has been going on with the vampires." This something will be written by Allie and Mike Mignola and illustrated by Jason Latour. Also, Allie guarantees it will be a "nasty approach" to vampires. Atkins nudged fans to watch the news over the next few weeks as some announcements regarding "B.P.R.D." will be made. "There's some exciting stuff happening next year.""

It's tremendous honor and dream to play in Mike Mignola's sandbox & to work with him and other really talented folks like Scott Allie and Dave Stewart. I hope I can post some preview art from it and the Marvel gig I've been working away on soon. It's a good thing there's no time for nerves, there's work to be done.

More soon...


  1. Excellent. I was wondering when that announcement was going to go public. Congrats, Jason! Admittedly, I am not a fan of BPRD/Hellboy. At. All.

    But I will give your issues a try.

  2. Adrian-Thanks, man. I think you should give those books another shot. A discerning fan like yourself would probably find it's got a lot in common with the art you love (if it's not the inspiration for it).

    Tonci- Thank you sir. I'm a fan of your work. Looking forward to your Lobster Johnson series.