Friday, January 6, 2012

Out with the Old?

Deskshot 01/06/12

In 2011 I had 275 pages published. 202 drawn. 7 colored solo. 74 written and hand lettered. I think I did one or two illustrations too. To many of you that may not seem like much but it's significant to me because it probably accounts for at least half my total published work. Of course many of those pages were done prior to 2011... but for 2012 I've already drawn 60 pages, and written at least 22 more.

So thanks to everyone who's supported, challenged and inspired me. I'd name you all but I'd be afraid I'd leave someone out. No promises but this year the tortoise is gonna try to pin his bunny ears back and leg it out.

More soon...


  1. 60 pages in six days? how's that even possible? =)
    looking forward to seeing all the upcoming work!


  2. Thanks, man. Feelings mutual... really looking forward to Lobster Johnson.