Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've long wanted to have some free comics and giveaways on this blog but paying work has made that a bit harder to do than I'd like. So in an effort to correct that I've decided to post a PDF sketchbook of life drawings from 2006 to 2011 (give or take one or two). If you've bought the sketchbooks in the past, it's more or less some select drawings from that and a few new ones. I didn't include everything just because A. some of it is god awful and B. I don't want to screw people who bought the other books. If you guys like this I may post a higher res version or print them to sell in the future. In any event...

CLICK the image to download:

(NOTE: Some of the files in the original upload were a little messier than I intended. So I cleaned them up. I'd advise re-downloading)

So spread the word if you'd like and I hope you enjoy a look at my clumsy, offseason work outs.

More soon...


  1. Dang, some beautiful drawings in here. Even spied one of my dumb head. Not that it was one of the beautiful ones.

  2. Very cool to see the progression. Thanks for sharing, great stuff.

  3. Loving Loose Ends! When's #4 coming out?> Ballpark... spring 2012?

  4. Amazing stuff. I am sharing this on Facebook.