Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Heroes Con Silver Samurai.

(It was probably my 25th Heroes. So kind of fitting that I drew a lot of Silver Surfer/Samurai)

Heroes Con Silver Samurai 2

So the HEROES CON 30th Anniversary is over. The books have been signed, the sketches drawn, the beer drank, BBQ eaten and the creative soil has been tilled. As I step away from it all and try to gain some perspective, I'm more and more overwhelmed by the tremendous response to the weekend. It's almost beyond words. But yesterday I did try to form some lucid post-show thoughts via Twitter. I don't know if I can do the experience justice but here's a sloppy (second) attempt..

Every Heroes Con the most amazing fans & patrons of art join the most talented storytellers & artists in THE WORLD in my little home town. What follows is an experience unlike any other. A gathering of comics and art lovers unsurpassed, where the walls between creator and fan are torn down and something far stronger is built in their place.

Heroes Con is my annual dose of intellectual, emotional and creative steroids. It's equal parts complete reaffirmation and inspiration. The springboard & platform Heroes has given my art and my career and my life are immeasurable. Incalculable....

I feel honored & blessed to have been a part of the show for most of these 30 years. Amazed to watch it grow 10 fold before my eyes. Proud of the people who work so hard to put it on for all of us....

But I'm even more astounded at how Heroes Con retains it's heart & sense of enthusiasm. A common, infectious bond that grows ever stronger. It's nuclear fuel for my fire, and I hope for yours. So here's to 30 more.

More soon...


  1. This year was my first Heroes Con and it was awesome! Definitely agree with your evaluation that it's a great place for a creative super charge! Such a great convention! Definitely planning on going back next year. Also, it was great meeting you briefly there. (I was the guy that brought you Scalped to sign) And the Silver Surfter piece you did for the auction was awesome!

  2. I heard a new BPRD series was announced... true?

  3. Chad- Nice meeting you man. Seeing that Scalped trade made my day. Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the con.

    Anonymous- Well... not BPRD but Mike let slip what I'm working on. More about that soon I hope. It's a new thing, and it's pretty damn awesome.