Wednesday, February 6, 2013


From the cutting room floor of WINTER SOLDIER #15 (Out today):


Hope y'all enjoy it. More soon...


  1. As a big fan of Brubaker, I was nervous about anyone else writing the book. I just read issue #15 and I loved it. Well done, sir.

  2. Mr. Latour,

    As a big Fury fan I am very pleased to see you using him. I just have one worry. Was that comment about youth fleeting a reference to him "losing the Infinity Formula" in Battle Scars? I hope not. Because it has already been established that Nick doesn't need it anymore as his body now regenerates it. As I am a classic Fury fan, I have been continually disappointed by his being replaced by Jr. And Nick could have been lying right? After all he is a master manipulator. I hope you can give me some insight.

  3. Anonymous- Thank you! I hope you enjoy where we're going.

    Bucky- I'm reticent to explain this too much. It's mostly a playful barb Nick is hurling here. Whatever allusions are drawn to Nick's aging or his impending retirement. I'd like to leave mostly up to the reader. But state of his health aside, he is in fact A. An old man by definition and B. "retired". As for him being a liar and manipulator... wait and see. Also- thanks a ton for reading. I do hope you enjoy where we're going.

  4. Thank you for responding Mr. Latour. I'll continue reading. You are doing a great job. And as you can see by my username, I am a big fan of Bucky. I just hope that Nat comes back as I love them together. Okay, forget what I'm saying. You're the writer. I trust you.

  5. I agree with Bucky. I love Classic Nick and I was very angry when Marvel decided to replace him with the Sam Jackson look-alike.