Wednesday, January 8, 2014

13 Thoughts About (Comics) Art

I’ve finished working & I’m too wired to sleep so I’m breaking my rule & posting some of the thoughts about art I’ve jotted down lately. If you follow me you already know I’m ridiculous. If not then just know I believe art advice is usually wrong/a bad idea. Or at least meant to be tested. So I’m in on the joke here…

1: Artists aren’t born or made. They’re cultivated. You ain’t special. Maybe you could be. But probably not. … I dunno maybe you are.

2. Never forget that in comics your serious, heart felt, absurd & torturous thoughts will be voiced by drawings w/squiggly lines for mouths.

3. The important part of the word “realistic” is “istic”. Whatever you do it’s not going to be reality. Only informed by it.

4. Ultimately all art is abstraction. Reality is the boundary you push toward, against or run along side. But even that’s subjective right?

5. At times it’s okay to let something work only as a drawing. But even then allowing reality to inform that choice might improve it.

6. When you’re in a rut work on “fundamentals”. Building confidence reduces effort & allows it to be put into complexity or experimentation.

7. Have a solid plan because even with all the time in the world you’ll end up doing construction in a hurricane.

8. Embrace that hurricane, who knows what it might blow your way. (This one sounds like some shit on the back of an Oprah’s book club novel).

9. If you’re trying to save the page in the inks or the colors then more times than not you’ve lost the patient already. (or 9B: When you try to polish a turd all you get is shit on your hands.)

10. No practice is off limits so long as the whole piece is benefited by it. Learning a different approach can improve your favored one.

11. Materials/tools are valuable, but they are the least important part of art.

12. Learning no. 11, teaches you to fail. Knowing how to do that is the only way to grow and handle success. BUT…

13. Eventually you will have to pick a hill to die on. Don’t make it every single one.

-Jason Latour 1/7/14

(Originally published via Twitter- @jasonlatour )

More soon…

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  1. "Eventually you will have to pick a hill to die on. Don’t make it every single one." My story until about a year ago.

    Great post, JLa.